Volunteerism: The most popular question is where to start?

Volunteering and deciding to help others for free is an act of extreme generosity. It is the realization that a gesture of yours can change people’s lives for the better.
But it is more than just that: volunteering is a beautiful, life-changing experience. So, why volunteer? Let’s try to answer this question together. First of all, volunteering is an act of generosity and social sensitivity. Letting those in need know that they are not alone and extending a hand to help them is the noblest and most selfless act you can do. Your concrete help is of inestimable social and humanitarian value. Moreover, knowing that your gestures can make a difference in many people’s lives is gratifying. Volunteering is also a life experience; it is a massive opportunity for personal enrichment. You will immerse yourself in different, intense realities and have an experience that in everyday life you could never have. You can change your life and fill it with colors and new sensations that will be forever etched in your memories. When you volunteer, you can meet different people and come into contact with cultures different from your own. Getting close to and learning about those different from you embellishes and reshapes your reality. Coming into contact with other worlds opens new horizons in your mindset. By volunteering, you will have the opportunity to travel and learn about different cultures, as in our case in Ghana. It is not always necessary to sail the oceans. You can also volunteer online and help others from where you live, helping with logistics tasks, administration, managing communication, and fundraising. In addition, by volunteering, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, boost your abilities and figure out what you are good at. Volunteering puts you in front of yourself and helps you understand who you are, what you want, and what you are capable of. Whether it’s a new language, a new job, or a human quality, you will learn a lot, and especially the people you come into contact within volunteering can be crucial to your success. So, in addition to doing good for others, you help your career and enhance your resume.

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But the most popular question is where to start?
Volunteers play a vital role in everything we do at Ryvanz-Mia Charity. Because of COVID-19, our volunteer programs have shifted to virtual volunteer activities. We continue to welcome new volunteers for ongoing needs.

If you are interested in helping to create a life-changing impact by volunteering or becoming a board member, our organization needs help with two social media roles (one for Facebook and one for Instagram). Each position requires a commitment of about 2-3 hours per week. No experience is necessary, but creating witty banter is a plus! Click on the link to submit a completed application or here on our volunteer with us page to introduce yourself. With our help, we can provide the necessary volunteer assistance to more children we serve.



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