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Medical Support

Our health care sought to address the challenges women and children face in the communities we serve. Our medical support can save lives

Many low-income families in Africa lack access to quality health care due to poverty. We as a charitable organization know their plight, that was why we are come into existence to be a helper to the underserved people. Everyone deserves access to essential healthcare services. By donating to this cause to change lives, you are helping us to move swiftly to save lives and keep our communities we serve safe. No one deserves to die irrespective of your gender, tribe or your religion. Our goals are to give the best medical treatment possible, prevent disease, treat illness and injury, improve the quality of life of youngsters and reduce disability among older people by providing access to long-term care services. Support this initiative by donating today. Please, share this initiative on your network to encourage people to take action.

Please know that the administrative cost is taken care of meaning 100 % of your donations to Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp will go to our health fund. With your support, together we can reach out to more communities to save lives. Will you help us?




Health Education

Focusing on the social and gender norms, we’re working with adolescents, communities, families, and health care systems to develop healthy eating habits that improve health and well-being.

Health Care Emergencies in Medical Supplies

We identify and manage emergency healthcare cases with effective solutions during the outbreak by saving people’s lives.

Nutrition Services for Women and Children

To alleviating, women, and children’s hunger and preventing malnutrition to create a healthy and productive community.

Emergency Food Distribution

Helping vulnerable families and communities with food security programs to improve their resilience during an outbreak.

Be A Change-Bringer!

Show your support to these struggling families by donating funds and being a part of our organization to volunteer for social causes.


Your support and contributions will enable us to continue to feed our community and reach those in need.
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