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Help build a child's future

Invest in a child’s future, every child deserves an opportunity to fulfill their potential, but not every child has access to quality education, healthcare, and necessities. Your sponsorship can help provide a child with the resources they need to succeed in life. When you sponsor a child, you give them a chance to break the cycle of poverty and positively impact their community.

 All the tax-deductible donations will support three leading causes for a vulnerable child: food, quality education, health, and well-being. Join us and help make a difference.

With your sponsorship, you can help send a child to school and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.Would you like to invest in a child's sponsorship donation?

Make a significant impact on a child's life for One Dollar daily.

Your sponsorship doesn’t just benefit the child you support; it also helps the community as a whole. When you invest in a child’s education, you’re investing in the future of their community. Education empowers individuals to create a positive change in their community and contribute to its development. By sponsoring a child, you’re changing not only their lives but also the lives of those around them.We are currently receiving a high volume of calls asking for various assistanceBy investing in a child’s education, you’re transforming not only their life but also their family and community. With a monthly sponsorship of $100  Would you like to assist in child sponsorship?


40% of funds go to feed school children
Food Program 40%
35% for Educational Funds for children
Education 35%
25 % for health and well-being
Health 25%

Give the gift of heathcare

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, but unfortunately, it’s not always accessible to those who need it most. By sponsoring a child, you can help them with essential healthcare services, such as vaccinations, check-ups, and medications. Your support can also help prevent and treat diseases, saving lives and improving the community’s health.

With your support, we can provide access to education,and essential resources that can transform their lives.

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