Sponsor vulnerable children


VOLUNTEERING International volunteering is an experience full of emotions and meanings that very often represents the acquisition of a new awareness of the world around us. Being immersed for a period in a nation and a culture completely different from ours, often in disadvantaged conditions and in humanitarian emergency, is not only a great act …

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charity work in Uganda

Happy life International

Happy Life International Happy Life International is a Not for Profit Organization established in November, 2019 as an International Organization registered in Kampala, Uganda. They established the organisation with the core aim of empowering the disadvantaged communities to live a secure, healthy and productive life focusing on vulnerable children, women and youth in the post …

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Ghana Flag


Ghana Ghana’s problems relating to health and health infrastructure in general are numerous and severe. UN Millennium Declaration of 2000 and, in fact, has made great strides for reach some of them. The most notable are probably the results obtained for the goals for facing both extreme poverty and fame, as well as education. However, …

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Chrissy foundation

Chrissy foundation Chrissy Foundation is committed to empowering Orphans and widows in making sure they receive some sort of gifts with vocational skills every year. In supporting the Orphans, we strive to get a budget for the year’s event with the support of some individuals and organizations, we visit the home of the orphanages and …

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BISSAP Juice drink


  BISSAP Bissap is a very refreshing drink with a sweet taste, obtained from the infusion of dried hibiscus flowers, which give a reddish color to the juice; with the leaves, on the other hand, condiments and sauces are prepared. Hibiscus has refreshing, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Bissap juice has been shown to regulate blood …

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The right to health and well being for children of all ages.

THE RIGHT TO HEALTH The right to health in Africa is still a privilege for a few. The supply of vaccines is making clear the disparities between the north and south of the world, between more developed and poorer countries, and how this economic distance is reflected in the ability of states to provide for …

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The passion of volunteering with Ryvanz-Mia Charity

The passion to work at will is the best service one could do to boost their lives. Ryvanz-Mia Charity organization has given chance to many youth to get the opportunity to work at will within the communities of operations. We have always encouraged youth and other groups who can have passion to give back to community to join …

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