Africans with disability face structural barriers in the environment, education, and employment. They face discrimination that limits their chances of achieving success equally with others. All indicators are unfavorable. Structural forces make it difficult for people with disabilities and their families to survive and thrive. One of the main problems is that people don’t pay much attention to disabled people. Often people shut them out. They don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else.


Concrete facts indeed bear out this discourse. Indeed, in the not-too-distant past, in some countries, it went as far as their suppression. The killing of disabled little ones was common practice. One often heard, “I entrusted the child to the aunt….” This meant the little ones were given to those who knew how to eliminate them. In some cases, people also abandon and exclude mothers from their families along with the children. In other cases, as in Sierra Leone, people leave the disabled in the forest and, in most cases, lose their lives.


Fortunately, selective eliminations, over the years, have gradually decreased, but, in parallel, the sense of guilt and shame on the part of families has not been reduced. It is vital to think about why this happens: in many nations (by way of example only: Senegal, Cameroon, Mali), there is no form of social assistance, forcing parents to rely on their children to enjoy a minimum of well-being in old age. The child is an investment in the future, and families often do not accept this burden.

Important are organizations like Ryvanz Mia and Wheelchair Foundation. We are Ryvanz Mia Charity organization; we provide unique and life-changing experiences for our vulnerable children through education, health and wellness, and community outreach initiatives. Our charitable donations are designated funds that go directly to sponsor and assist vulnerable children and their families and support communities in times of crisis. We seek to support, empower and provide resources for vulnerable children in Ghana and Uganda through programs and initiatives.


The Wheelchair Foundation is a nonprofit organization that leads an international effort to create awareness of the needs and abilities of people with physical disabilities. To promote the joy of giving, create global friendship, and deliver a wheelchair to every child, teenager, and adult in the world who needs one but cannot afford it. For these people, the Wheelchair Foundation offers hope, mobility, and independence. Their goal is to distribute 1 million wheelchairs in the next five years.


Julius Opoi, executive director of OJ Disability Care Foundation, said they had received support for 260 wheelchairs to be distributed across the country. This delivery came about thanks to Ryvanz-Mia’s U.S. partner. The wheelchairs are distributed in Eastern, Central, Western, and Northern Uganda districts. Ryvanz Mia Charity supports the design of the OJ Disability T-shirts and banners that we will use during the distribution of the wheelchairs. We are two donation charities with the same values, and we hope the partnership will last a long time. Finally, consider donating to support people with disability in Soroti, Uganda.



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