A Life-Changing Trip to Ghana: Inspiring Hope and Education

A live-changing trip to Ghana

My journey to Ghana was transformative, filled with moments that reshaped my understanding of community and education. As the director of Hope Memorial School, I embarked on this trip with a mission: to connect with our students, support our staff, and witness the impact of our initiatives firsthand. Life-changing Visit to Bless and Gloria Upon […]

The plight of an African Widow. Help a widow project

The plight of an African Widow. Help a widow project. Societies in Africa respect the death of a person as a norm and cultural practice. Many of those that have lost their partners will always share the plight of being in such a situation and where it throws them. Miss Winnie Nfaaki, the field counselor […]

Frantz Fanon and the cultural alienation

FRANTZ FANON Frantz Fanon, psychiatrist and anthropologist native of Martinique, died on December 6, 1961, over 60 years ago. Frantz Fanon wrote “black-skinned Binche masks” hoping it would help the de-alienation of our people. In this book, he explains the powerful effects of colonialism on life in the 20th century.He examines the impact of colonialism on […]

Building financial capacity for vulnerable children in Africa.

Building financial capacity for vulnerable children in Africa. RYVANZ-MIA CHARITY is a charitable organization that has a critical key player in building financial capacity for vulnerable families in Africa with a target audience of children. This effort through our donors and well-wishers has supported us to help them in many ways, which some need to mention, […]

Final BECE registration for 65 students in Volta Region-Ghana

Ryvanz-Mia Charity, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in the United States of America has paid this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) registration fees for some 65 students in the Ho constituency of the Volta Region Ghana. The beneficiaries are students of the Fiave Global MA Junior High School (JHS) in the regional capital. Ryvanz-Mia […]

Many African children cannot get food after the post Covid-19

One Child Two Meals per Day Program: many in Africa cannot get three square meals a day after the post-Covid-19. Weeks of intense dieting, hunger, and stress. This program offers a new way to manage your diet and provides square meals per day. It is easy, flexible, and affordable. For example, suppose you have been […]

She shines projects that target skill training for teen mothers

She shines projects that target skill training for teen mothers. When developing your new business, you have many options for teen mothers. Successful ventures often have a history, and successful business operations are unique. Teen mothers face unique challenges that could not be resolved by other means. And, while being a teen mother is no […]

How to Stop Child Marriage: The Ultimate Guide

How to Stop Child Marriage: The Ultimate Guide When you hear the word “child marriage,” your first impression might be it’s probably something to do with the occult or ancient religions preventing child marriage. Thankfully, those are not what makes this article so unique. This article is about stopping child marriage in your community. It […]

Benefits of Being a Ryvanz-Mia Charity Donor

What if you could make a difference in someone’s life by donating money? It may sound too good to be accurate, but it’s not. You can be a Ryvanz-Mia Charity Donor and help us improve lives. We provide donations to deserving individuals and families who are in need to have a chance at a brighter […]

Mother’s Day Love Letter to All Mothers

Mother’s Day Love Letter to All Mothers Happy Mother’s Day! Today is a special day to celebrate the women in our lives who have given us so much in the communities we serve. What better way to show appreciation than giving back to those who need it most? On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the mothers […]

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