Building financial capacity for vulnerable children in Africa.

Building financial capacity for vulnerable children in Africa.

RYVANZ-MIA CHARITY is a charitable organization that has a critical key player in building financial capacity for vulnerable families in Africa with a target audience of children. This effort through our donors and well-wishers has supported us to help them in many ways, which some need to mention, like Education, Health care, food security, Child protection rights awareness, Clothing, Lighting, and Youth and Women Empowerment.


Our different ongoing projects have set up promising strategies for financing these vulnerable children.
In their clusters, we have been working closely on how best to maintain the development goals they have chosen to take on, as well as helping them to be consistent. We have encouraged youth to stay in school for their education, so we are looking at the different problems that the students face and addressing them. Some students may drop out due to insufficient educational materials like books, pens, or sanitary towels.


Ryvanz-Mia Charity, we hope to encounter those problems slowly but surely to keep our students in school. Some students, too, lack concentration because of poor lighting. You may find they cannot extend their revisions because the sun has gone down. We address this issue by providing solar systems to vulnerable families to facilitate learning.


We also hope to map the brighter but vulnerable children into our bursary program to keep them going on with their studies.
And even those that have dropped out of school, our she shines project will capture them into empowerment and Independence through skilling. All our vulnerable children are considered regardless of their level of vulnerability.
As Ryvanz-Mia Charity, we have a role to play in the economic strengthening of these cluster families.

It is encouraging at least each family to set up an income-generating activity that can support it and that they can operate from home by themselves.

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This will help develop a clear cash flow transition since the income-generating activity will generate money to support the family. We are trying to encourage these families to have the financial discipline to limit irrelevant expenses and save. Economically we are hopeful, through our training for financial literacy, that these vulnerable families can grow steadily regardless of the level of vulnerability. We are also looking at supporting them to develop money skills.

The organization has set different targets to meet in line with supporting vulnerable children. We can only achieve this with you as our donors and well-wishers to transition from vulnerability to better standards. Together we can reach greater heights. Consider donating to support these programs.



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