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Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene For Families In Ghana.

Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene For Families In Ghana.



Why Do The Families Of Ghana Need Your Help?

Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene For Families In Ghana have made remarkable progress in improving the water supply; however, they are still far away from good sanitation and hygiene. As per the survey data of UNICEF, even after numerous efforts, Ghana’s families still suffer from degraded water quality, hygiene, and sanitation. Few places in Ghana have reached at least 89% of safe drinking water; however, access to hygiene and sanitation is still capped at 15%. As per recent experts, the unsanitary conditions in Ghana are affecting its citizens significantly, which is also affecting the hygiene issues in young children.

What Do The Record Show About Families Of Ghana 

Various healthcare facilities, as well as schools in Ghana, lack basic hygiene facilities and sanitation. However, people in large numbers suffer from severe diseases and skin allergies. Firstly, in 2017 evaluation conducted by the institution of North Carolina (UNC) revealed the safe water service level in the operational areas. World Vision working in Ghana is 66% denoting the difference and the requirement for specific considerations despite increased levels of access percentages at the national scale. Thirdly, and most importantly, the 2018 study at AMIC found that merely 17.6% of homes in World Vision Ghana’s operation fields have accessibility to hand washing arrangements using soap and running water. In comparison, 20% of homes use improved sanitation facilities for defecation.

How Can We Help With Sanitation Of Families in Ghana?

We are focusing on implementing designated sanitation, hygiene, and freshwater plans to fill the gaps between the bridge of a decent life. For Ghana’s families, our contribution aims to drive a business plan that recognizes the issues implemented under the existing water, hygiene and sanitation plan.

Moreover, our mission is to devote our efforts to provide proper training to the community and district-level participants. We ensure adequate water and sanitation facilities in every corner of Ghana. With our consolidated actions and plans, Ghana has received a significant percentage of improvement in the quality of water. Similarly, these families also need the hygiene implementation process and sanitation. Appropriate management and consistent measures are significantly required to achieve our goal of making Ghana a safe place.

How Can You Help?