We are a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization that seek to work in Ghana and other developing countries in Africa to empower, support, and equip vulnerable children, women and communities we serve with basic needs to escape poverty.

Support The Little Angels Of Ghana.


Homeless Children In Ghana

Accra is the nation’s capital and largest city, with a capacity of about 25 million inhabitants. Though several other regional languages are frequently used, English is Ghana’s official language.

In 2015, Future of Africa fed, cared for, and supported thousands of students living on the streets of Accra, Ghana. Purpose of providing long-term accommodation, food, and a gradual shift to schooling for the children we support, we opened Norviwo Community Centre in 2019. With the addition of a second floor to our temporary home and the purchase of durable furnishings and instructional resources, we now plan to accommodate more students at Norviwo. By creating leaders with empathy and initiative, we hope to put a stop to poverty in Ghana.

Help The Ghanaian Children Leave The Streets

Tens of thousands of kids reside on the roads of Accra, Ghana. Although Ghana has social welfare services, they are unable to meet the enormous needs of homeless children due to a lack of resources.

Every day thousands and hundreds of students in Ghana sleep on the sidewalks.

Our Mission and Efforts

Every week members of the FOA’s staff, volunteers, and fellows go to the alleys to just provide food, basic medical care, and company. To the kids living there. Children that are motivated can choose to be an FOA scholar and enroll at our Norviwo Community Center, where they can graduate and enroll in one of FOA’s neighborhood partner schools after taking programs in life abilities and development and working with FOA Fellow mentors. A way out of the streets and hope are offered by Norviwo to some of Ghana’s most helpless citizens.

In addition to providing food, medical treatment, and crisis intervention to at least 60 children every month, Norviwo’s road outreach program also helps at least 32 children per year transition from the roads to school. This is done through the (NCC) Norviwo Community Center. Future leaders in Ghana will be equipped by our Norviwo Community Center (NCC) and FOA’s Fellows program for college students to meet the requirements of their society’s most vulnerable citizens.

How Can You Help?

In the Greater Accra Region of Ghana, more than 61,000 people under 18 live on the streets. Despite being a vulnerable population and a global public health issue, little is known about the mental health and health needs of street children, and the mechanisms contributing to their poor health. These little angels in Ghana are suffering as a result of the world closing its eyes to their plight.

Help the children leave the streets of Ghana and support us to aid them in securing their future. Our goal is to help Ghana become a secure haven for these families, and we need your help to do it. With your help and our ongoing efforts, we can achieve to secure the future of all children.

Families in Ghana are mercilessly suffering as a result of the continually declining economic crisis. Join forces with us as we offer Ghana children the assistance it urgently needs. We can definitely accomplish the target with your unique contribution and our strategic ideas.

We need to make Ghana safer for future generations by helping these Little Angels.

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