Say NO to Gender-Based Violence among school children

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) means harmful acts directed at an individual based on gender. The humiliation comes in different ways, which include;
Physical violence involves being harassed directly to one’s body. Many times, men have physically tortured African women for believing that women are a weaker gender. The percentage to this is of women suffering humiliation is 60%. So countless times, women have been beaten, slapped, and fought but have always kept low to it due to cultural norms.
The men, too, face this scourge but fail to come up due to their self-esteem and being considered a stronger gender; they choose to suffer under the blankets. Instances that cause physical violence include
• Infertility stigma
• Alcoholism
• Economic differences
• Political differences
• Ignorance of the law
• Cultural norms
Verbal violence aligns with hate speech thrown at someone simply because they belong to a specific gender.
This gets along with body shaming and vulgar bullying. Psychological violence whereby a person from a humiliating gender is tortured right from their mind. Examples of this include
• Rape
• Defilement
• Cultural norms
• Killings
Sexual violence explains intimate partner violence, sexual violence, emotional, sex trafficking, and child marriages.
Some cultural norms have contributed to GBV to people who strongly believe in them.
In Uganda, some cultures practice female genital mutilation, an act that causes physical and psychological violence.
Some cultures practice early child marriages. Even political and economic differences often cause violence in people who disagree with one’s party.

Ryvanz-Mia Charity (RMC) organization has organized awareness camps to strike a balance to end gender-based violence within our communities.
Asking how?
This is how RMC will be able to achieve its mandate to end GBV.
• We will prevent early child marriages through our program of providing children with basic needs in school. These include books and pens, pads, lighting, and clothing.
• We will work for hand in hand with Community-Based organizations (CBOs) to rule out the cultural norms affecting genders. We come to a consensus on awareness of the advantage and disadvantages of practicing the standards.
• We are to consider even the girls that have fallen victim to rape and heresy and eventually were made teenage mothers; the SHE SHINES PROJECT will cater to such girls that may not be in a position to get back to class.
• We are going to do massive empowerment for suppressed genders through our designed training and programs
• We shall provide awareness of the law to the ignorant that people may be taken advantage of. Knowing the law is part of solving a problem.

Therefore we encourage all our part-takers for this drive to join us as we say NO to Gender-Based Violence GBV and its effects.




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