Fairy tales mirror the world and life. In African fairy tales and fables, characters and traditions typical of joyful peoples but simultaneously in touch with harsh realities are highlighted. These are fairy tales about African men, animals of Africa, people and peoples, and joy and misfortune. In reading these African fairy tales, one can find many insights into the richness of a continent rich in history, culture, and traditions. Contrary to what has long been believed, Africa is not a “continent without history.” Thriving civilizations, rules, and customs also passed down through stories, legends, and tales have developed in many regions since ancient times.


One such fairy tale is The Trial of Love. Indeed, it tells the story of a beautiful princess loved and contended for by all men and princes. One day, to choose her groom, the young woman tested her suitors’ feelings, who competed to woo her with their gifts. She decided to play dead and witness the reaction of the princes: they all demanded the return of their contributions. All except one young commoner, who instead indulged in words of love and despair for her. This was enough for the princess to marry the commoner and, after revealing that she was not dead, to criticize the other contenders for not being in love with her.


Let us return momentarily to the importance of fairy tales and fables. Fairy tales, in particular, have fascinated any child at every age and in every part of the world. For as long as he has existed, one could almost say that man has been telling fairy tales to his children. It reveals the origins of man’s human condition. In the beginning, the moon would have wanted human beings to be like her: to be born, die, and then be reborn. She asked a hare to announce her will to human beings, but the hare became confused and misreported the moon’s words. Since then, humans have been mortal, and hares have a split on the upper lip. Upon learning of the animal’s mistake, the moon became angry and wounded the hare irreversibly.


Let us take one step further and see this in practice. Many entities working in Africa have realized that through stories, children can identify with them. Doing so makes them feel more involved, learn to be empathetic, and draw their lessons. Among these is Lifesong Kenya. Specifically, We established this local organization to help disadvantaged youth through mentoring, workshops,s and training. They work predominantly with a child who has been through juvenile hall because we know that if someone allows them to grow, learn and integrate, they will have an entire and happy life.


Staying then in the context of the importance of one’s own stories that can inspire others, Lifesong Kenya is organizing a Guest Speaking Opportunity. This opportunity is open to those with an account to tell and those with levels to hear. In practical terms, this activity consists of telling a story to young people. They can be about careers and dreams (unrealized and yet to be attempted). They can also talk about lessons you are learning, hobbies, accomplishments, or obstacles overcome. These stories will allow boys and girls to learn from the tales of lived life. All this will serve to strengthen and shape their values and identities.





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