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Distance adoption


Distance adoption allows a boy or girl to receive this support every day. Please give them the serenity they have never had access to and the childhood they are entitled to. Through Distance adoption, you can help a vulnerable child in one of the poorest areas of the planet.


There are 140 million orphaned children in the world. Of these, 100 million are African children who have lost their parents. According to the most recent official data (2016), only minors orphaned by HIV numbered more than 22 million (Source Unicef ​​2016 ).


The living conditions in their country often force boys, girls, and adolescents whose childhood life has been stolen. They have to undertake terrible migratory journeys, traveling ever more dangerous routes. The problems are also traffickers and exploiters, and it s not confident they can reach the Italian coasts and European.


Every day a migrant child dies on the North Africa-Italy route. If they embark on boats of hope, they risk their lives at sea. If they remain in Africa without anyone caring, they stay at the mercy of misery. 90% of the children who grow up in institutions and leave at 18 meet a fate marked by suicide.


We care for children in a family situation that makes it impossible for them to stay within their home environment. The hope is to bring him closer to the family context if the conditions for doing so arise again.


Orphaned children require affection, figures to look up to, and a sense of emotional security to ensure they reach their full developmental potential. Implementing the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children in 2009 requires strengthening social services programs.


It represents the certainty of becoming a fundamental point of reference for him. And not just cheap, as you can develop a real relationship with him, for example, through Skype calls. Yes, distance adoption for orphaned children in Africa represents a fundamental life change!



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