World Food Day: Building A World Without Hunger.

October 16th is famously recognized as world food day and is celebrated all around the world. However, have you ever wondered about the significance of World food day? If yes, then we are here to help you.

What Is The Significance Of World Food Day?

World Food Day brings attention to those less fortunate who do not have the same privileges while also honoring the delicious food people enjoy. Some people are hungry everywhere. There are many nations where hunger is a serious issue, and we must expand our efforts to increase awareness and address it. World Food Day celebration promotes a healthy lifestyle and things the body requires. Although knowledge of good diets and whether foods are healthy or unhealthy has increased recently, we are still not there. The famous World Food Day is a fantastic chance to increase knowledge and awareness in this field.

History Of World Food Day

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a specialized body of the UN, created the famous World Food Day in 1945. However, it would take additional 34 years until the 20th FAO conference in November 1979, when it was declared a global holiday. From this, 150 nations continued to commemorate the day once granted legal UN recognition. Since 2014, the significance of these occasions has been to advance the causes of world hunger relief and eradicate poverty in developing countries.

The core idea of World Food Day is promoting global food security, particularly during moments of emergency. This admirable objective has advanced significantly due to the UN’s establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization. Its annual celebration serves as a reminder of the significance of this organization. It promotes awareness about the urgent requirement for governments all over the globe. Similarly, establish effective agriculture policies to guarantee enough food for us all.

It has become a tradition for the famous World Food Day to highlight various facets of agricultural production and food security, such as anglers, environmental issues, and biodiversity.

Our Mission And Efforts

Many people have been left behind despite our efforts to create a better society—people who cannot gain from economic expansion, technology, or human evolution.

In truth, many people cannot purchase a balanced diet, which puts individuals at significant risk of malnutrition and extreme hunger. However, supply alone won’t end hunger. Today, sufficient food to feed everyone on the earth.

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Access to the availability of wholesome food is a concern that is being made more difficult by several issues, such as the 2019 pandemic, war, climate change, inequality, higher food rates, and geopolitical risks. Conflicts that have no boundaries are having a domino effect on individuals all over the globe.

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Therefore we appeal to you to come forward and join our hands in this war of eliminating hunger, not from a few but all places in the world. Our organization ensures your efforts and care to reach the people in need during tough times. We believe this world can be sustainable only if we make efforts for each other and everyone.

In Celebration Of World Food Day, We Call For A Generation Without Hunger





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