Why donations matter now more than ever? - Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp
Why donations matter

Why donations matter now more than ever?

Why donations matters?

At Ryvanz-Mia Charity, we believe in supporting vulnerable women and children. Sustainable development goals are spelled out using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a framework, we will be supporting projects that carry the message of SDG goals such as Good Health and Well Being (SDG3), Zero Hunger (SDG2), No Poverty (SDG1), Quality Education (SDG4), Gender Equality (SDG5).
Here are some of what we focus on:

Poverty can harm all aspects of a child’s development and family and child separation. When families like Sofiat and her quintuplet in Uganda do not have the resources to meet the needs of children, the separation risk increases. We aim to eliminate those risks by empowering and equipping those we serve.

Children having access to education enables the development of key competencies needed in life. This is especially true for children from vulnerable backgrounds. Children who have spent the earlier part of their life without care from family often experience setbacks in learning that can have a lasting impact. Click here to read more about how Ryvanz-Mia Charity is making a difference. We aim to provide quality education to prepare those we serve for their future.

We entirely operate off your generosity. Please consider supporting our work for vulnerable children and women to make a real difference today. You can donate by visiting our donate page or signing up to volunteer online or onsite by visiting our “be a volunteer” page.


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