We are a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization that seek to work in Ghana and other developing countries in Africa to empower, support, and equip vulnerable children, women and communities we serve with basic needs to escape poverty.

The right to health and well being for children of all ages.



The right to health in Africa is still a privilege for a few. The supply of vaccines is making clear the disparities between the north and south of the world, between more developed and poorer countries, and how this economic distance is reflected in the ability of states to provide for the health of their citizens through health systems

The right to health of its citizens, effectively denying them to enjoy a fundamental right.

Governments, in fact, face numerous challenges, such as the endemic problem of epidemics, poverty and the shortage of doctors, who are increasingly leaving the country to seek higher living conditions and salaries abroad. Insufficient spending on health by states does not allow citizens to enjoy decent health care, coupled with the lack of basic infrastructure to provide clean water.

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The OMS estimates that Africa has a quarter of global disease cases, but can count on just 3% of health workers and less than 1% of the world’s financial resources. Few countries have public health care, and there is often a two-tier system that gives the wealthy access to quality care through private health insurance, while the rest of the population has to be content with overcrowded government facilities. 

We provide free medical care for children and people, who cannot afford basic medical needs such as vaccines or medications needed for common illnesses like malaria. Our healthcare programs are: health education, Health Care Emergencies in Medical Supplies,Nutrition Services for Women and Children,Emergency Food Distribution. WE NEED YOU, WE NEED YOUR HELP FOR THE HEALTH OF OUR PEOPLE.

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BÉHANZIN Béhanzin (c. 1845 – December 10, 1906) is considered the eleventh (if Adandozan is not counted) king of Dahomey,

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