BÉHANZIN Béhanzin (c. 1845 – December 10, 1906) is considered the eleventh (if Adandozan is not counted) king of Dahomey, today’s Republic of Benin. After taking the throne, he changed his name from Kondo. He succeeded his father, Glele, and ruled from 1889 to 1894. Béhanzin was the last independent ruler of Dahomey established through …

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BISSAP Juice drink


  BISSAP Bissap is a very refreshing drink with a sweet taste, obtained from the infusion of dried hibiscus flowers, which give a reddish color to the juice; with the leaves, on the other hand, condiments and sauces are prepared. Hibiscus has refreshing, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. Bissap juice has been shown to regulate blood …

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