We are a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization that seek to work in Ghana and other developing countries in Africa to empower, support, and equip vulnerable children, women and communities we serve with basic needs to escape poverty.

Starving children in Africa are extremely vulnerable to diseases


We all know that children are a gift from God and that it is very mandatory for us to protect these gifts. We have always been in situations where our children have been supported, oppressed, defended, and abused. Regardless of what one goes on in their lives, our mandate is to protect the child, rich or poor, lucky or unlucky, to reach a consensus to harmoniously co-exist.
As Ryvanz-Mia Charity organization, our sole purpose of this article is to devise means on how best we can protect the child, through constant awareness of child protection plans set in communities.

Times and again, many children have gone hungry with nothing to eat, they have not attended basic education and experience, they have been sexually abused in certain cases and have been denied proper clothing.
The child protection laws in place entitles the children rights to;
 Education
 Medical care
 Housing
 Food
 Clothing
Many times people deny the children their rights either through ignorance, bandwagon, carelessness. Our role to play as Ryvanz-Mia Charity organization is to do a thorough sensitization on child protection and action plan points on how to achieve the rights.
RMC CHILD PROTECTION AWARENESS PLAN involves a triangle mode of formula for the modus operandi for it to work perfectly well. The key Partners include the parents, the children and the moderators (RMC).
PARENTS ROLE will include;
 Protect the child against any form of abuse.
 Ensure that the children do not join any form of child labor
 Provide basic needs to the children eg education, medical care, proper housing and food.
CHILD’S ROLE includes:
 Prevention of violence, abuse or exploitation from various people.
 Ensure that their fellow children access protection services.
 Prevent peer pressure groups that may lead to different forms of misbehavior in community.
We intend to do door to door sensitization on child protection, as well as parenting policies through our initiatives, fundraising, campaigns and projects covering issues in areas of child protection, child survival, gender and emergency handling. We have embarked on the 5P’s awareness ie

1. Prevention
2. Paramountcy
3. Partnership
4. Protection and
5. Parental responsibility.
We therefore believe in working together with you, to protect the child and create awareness on their rights through our designed projects on child protection i.e the TWO MEALS PER DAY PROGRAM PER CHILD.

Through your donations, it’s when we can achieve this. The future is because our children are. Therefore we look up to you to join hands with us to support the children. Alone we dare not climb, with you we reach great heights.Donate Today

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BÉHANZIN Béhanzin (c. 1845 – December 10, 1906) is considered the eleventh (if Adandozan is not counted) king of Dahomey,

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