Sponsor a Child-FAQs

Frequently asked questions-child sponsorships

What is the Sponsor a Child Program by Ryvanz-Mia Charity?

The Sponsor a Child program by Ryvanz-Mia Charity is a transformative initiative that allows individuals to directly support vulnerable children by providing them with essential nourishment, quality education, and the tools they need to break the cycle of poverty. Through your sponsorship, you empower a child to thrive, learn, and create a brighter future.


How does sponsorship work?

Sponsorship involves choosing a child from our profiles who resonates with you, selecting a sponsorship plan (monthly, quarterly, or annually), and making a financial contribution. Your sponsorship directly supports the child’s access to nutritious meals, quality education, and overall well-being.


What does my sponsorship cover?

Your sponsorship covers essential components such as nutritious meals, school supplies, teacher training, health services, and life skills education. By providing a holistic approach, your support ensures that the child receives the resources and opportunities needed to grow and succeed.

Can I choose the child I sponsor?

Yes, you can choose a child from our profiles based on your preferences. Each child’s profile includes their story, age, location, and aspirations, allowing you to make a personal connection with the child you choose to sponsor.


Can I communicate with the child I sponsor?

Absolutely. We encourage sponsors and children to exchange letters, photos, and messages. This correspondence fosters a meaningful connection that transcends borders and cultures, offering encouragement and support to the child.


How is the impact of my sponsorship measured?

We take a data-driven approach to measure the impact of sponsorship. We track improvements in health, academic performance, attendance rates, and overall well-being. Regular updates and progress reports keep you informed about the tangible difference your sponsorship is making.

How long does sponsorship last?

Sponsorship is a commitment, and we encourage sponsors to continue their support until the child completes their education or reaches a self-sustaining stage in life. While there is no fixed duration, your consistent sponsorship has a lasting impact on the child’s development.

Can I visit the child I sponsor?

Yes, we offer opportunities for sponsors to visit the children and communities we support. Visits provide a firsthand experience of the impact you’re making and allow you to build a deeper connection with the child you sponsor.

How do I start sponsoring a child?

To start sponsoring a child, visit our website at  https://www.ryvanzmiacharity.org/sponsor and explore the profiles of children waiting for sponsorship. Choose a child who resonates with you, select a sponsorship plan, and follow the simple steps to make your contribution.

How else can I get involved with Ryvanz-Mia Charity?

In addition to sponsoring a child, you can get involved by making a donation, volunteering your time and skills, participating in fundraising campaigns, or spreading awareness about our mission. Your support in any form contributes to our efforts to nourish minds, brighten futures, and create positive change for vulnerable children.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is likely tax-deductible, as Ryvanz-Mia Charity is a registered nonprofit organization. We provide donation receipts and documentation that you can use for tax purposes.

How can I get more information?

For more information about the Sponsor a Child program or any other aspect of Ryvanz-Mia Charity, you can contact us at info@ryvanzmiacharity.org or call (203) 843-5885. Our team is dedicated to answering your questions and guiding you through the process.

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