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Happy life International

Happy Life International

Happy Life International is a Not for Profit Organization established in November, 2019 as an International Organization registered in Kampala, Uganda.

They established the organisation with the core aim of empowering the disadvantaged communities to live a secure, healthy and productive life focusing on vulnerable children, women and youth in the post conflict.

An important project is GivingWay. This association have initially launched in 2015 as a bilateral marketplace where volunteers and nonprofits in emerging markets connect directly.

They provided the platform tools and the nonprofits managed the entire process, rates and engagement with volunteers as they saw fit, based on their needs and requirements.

They have grown rapidly and thousands of nonprofits from Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia have joined their platform. GivingWay has become one of the strongest platforms for nonprofits in emerging markets.

Over the years they have forged deep ties with nonprofits in the field and have learned firsthand the challenges faced by organizations in these parts of the world.

In addition to on-site volunteers, there are many other things nonprofits need help with, especially in relation to fundraising and effective engagement with donors.

Over time, their products and services have evolved to meet the specific needs of their partner organizations.

For example, they were one of the pioneers of online volunteering, enabling nonprofits to leverage much-needed digital skills to help them create and sustain their online presence.




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