Foster care ministry hope

Foster care ministry hope.

Foster Care Ministry is a non-government founded in 2017 to fight illiteracy and improve the well-being of children in Uganda. Several charitable volunteers ardently created Foster Care Ministry as a community-based organization to help and support critically ill children, the elderly, single mothers, illiterate, widowed, and unemployed youth with comprehensive, effective, and quality services.

They started with young children, widows, and other vulnerable groups of people. At the Ministry of Foster Care, our teams began cleaning water sources, feeding the needy on the streets, and providing cancellation and guidance to those who had lost hope. The foster care ministry is a home for all, the best home for peace and mind, A place to find spiritual happiness free from the torture of the mind. A place where we change lives. Their core values are Divinity, obedience,  accuracy, love, and care.

As the Foster Care Ministry. They educate the children of the community. They give out scholarships to hardworking children. And attract others to work hard. They must provide educational materials to needy children and find the school fees. Through this, their Orphans have been able to go to school. And they have managed to register 253 Orphans whose education has been secured by the Foster Care Ministry.



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