Food For All Orphan Projects in Kaliro,Uganda

Food For All Orphan Projects

Food For All Orphan Projects

There are about 147 million orphans all over the world. At least 44 000 people become orphans every single day. With orphans dying from starvation in their numbers, food for all orphan projects has attempted to curb the onslaught and provide a better life. While preventing children from becoming orphans may be difficult, much must be done to avoid the raging waves of hunger that flood them daily. The aim is to provide at least one square meal daily to orphans worldwide. Projects supply the funds needed to purchase food. Exotic foods or locally produced food may import this purchase. Jeff Bridges said, “Poverty is complex, but feeding a child isn’t.” This statement is every bit true.

Food for all orphan projects is located in Ghana and other developing African countries. This is because these areas bear most of the burden. We want to give the underprivileged life and hope for a better tomorrow.

Several programs out there seek to make an impact equally but are limited by funds. We could collaborate with these care providers if they remain financially accountable; they would also provide regular updates on the project’s progress. Anyone who wants to make a difference but is restricted can contact us. We need each other’s help in this battle. It costs less than $2 to feed an orphan.

Making An Impact

Food For All Orphan Projects in Kaliro, Uganda help Adequate nutrition reduces the morbidity and mortality associated with poor nutritional status. Orphan projects help prevent and combat diseases and improve the immune system, reducing the risk of developing depression and increasing productivity. Physically, it prevents stunting, wasting, and associated productivity losses. These orphans have the potential to become significant people later on in life. Hence, food for all orphan projects would not overlook them.

Taking Action

Donate today and touch lives. While some evil people may seek to take advantage of this program, we are committed to helping you find those who genuinely need it. Also, we are accountable for how the donation is usedThere are equity and equality in the distribution of these resources. Finally, we provide constant feedback on the present condition of the orphans by performing nutritional assessments. Make a wise decision to invest in their lives. Feed an orphan today!


You can sponsor a child in one of three ways – call and speak with us at +1-203-843-5885; email us at; or go online to our donation portal, SPONSOR A CHILD.

We provide children living in poverty with the education, hope, and opportunity they need that will allow them to grow and contribute to their communities. We are grateful to past and current sponsors around the globe; we work with two affiliated partners in Ghana and Uganda to offer basic needs such as educational materials and community support to children and their families yearly

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