Honoring Persons with Disabilities Worldwide

Honoring International Day of Disability

 Commemorating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities On this significant occasion, we come together to honor the resilience and diversity of individuals on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Accordingly, this day serves as a powerful reminder of the value of inclusivity within our global community. Understanding the Persons with Disabilities Firstly, it’s […]

RMC Honored as 2023 Top-Rated Nonprofit

2023 top-rated badge.png-High Resolution

 HONORED AS 2023 TOP-RATED NONPROFIT. GreatNonprofits.org Award is Based on Positive Online Reviews HAMDEN, CT November,23rd 2023 – RYVANZ-MIA CHARITY CORP announced today that it has been honored with a prestigious 2023 Top-Rated Award by GreatNonprofits, the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonprofits. “We are excited to be named a Top-Rated 2023 Nonprofit,” says […]

Tips for volunteering in Ghana

Tips for volunteering in Ghana

Tips for volunteering in Ghana.  Volunteering in Ghana can be a rewarding experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your volunteer work: 1. Research organizations: Look for a reputable volunteer organization Ryvanz-Mia Childcare that operates in Ghana. Read reviews, check their credentials, and ensure they align with your interests and values. 2. […]

A Hopeful Father

A hopeful father

 Navigating Parenthood with Love and Support Introduction: Becoming a father is a life-changing experience filled with excitement, anticipation, and a hint of nervousness. As a hopeful father, you may have countless questions and concerns about this new journey. Rest assured, this blog post aims to provide valuable insights and practical tips to help you navigate […]

Tree Planting

Tree Planting for School Children in Kaliro,Uganda

INTRODUCTION Tree planting is not just about beautifying our surroundings; it has the potential to shape the minds and futures of our school children. We can unlock many benefits beyond the classroom by engaging students in this hands-on activity. In this article, we will explore the profound advantages of tree planting among school children and […]

Water access

Water Access

WATER “Africa is facing a water catastrophe. While climate- and water-related shocks are intensifying globally, nowhere else in the world are the risks escalating as seriously as on the African continent. According to WHO estimates (2022), in sub-Saharan Africa, it takes citizens an average of 30 minutes daily to access water; some 400 million people […]



AFRICAN FAIRY TALES AND FABLES Fairy tales mirror the world and life. In African fairy tales and fables, characters and traditions typical of joyful peoples but simultaneously in touch with harsh realities are highlighted. These are fairy tales about African men, animals of Africa, people and peoples, and joy and misfortune. In reading these African […]

Agenda 2030 Goal 2

Nourishment and Education with Ryvanz-Mia Charity

AGENDA 2030 GOAL 2 NUMBERS According to estimates, the number of people suffering from hunger in the world could exceed the 840 million mark by 2030. According to reports from the UN, around 795 million people in the world – that is, one in nine people – are undernourished. GOAL Objective 2 of the 2030 […]

How to deal with loneliness and shyness among teens in Africa.

How to deal with loneliness and shyness among teens in Africa. Humans are hardwired to interact with others. The positive effects on our happiness and health from having friends are undeniable, and research has shown that maintaining strong social ties is essential to our psychological well-being. Yet, many African teenagers suffer from social anxiety. They […]

Say NO to Gender-Based Violence among school children

Gender-Based Violence (GBV) means harmful acts directed at an individual based on gender. The humiliation comes in different ways, which include; Physical violence involves being harassed directly to one’s body. Many times, men have physically tortured African women for believing that women are a weaker gender. The percentage to this is of women suffering humiliation […]

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