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DISABILITY Africans with disability face structural barriers in the environment, education, and employment. They face discrimination that limits their chances

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What is Parenting?


QUOTATION “When God created the world, he saw that someone could not manage his work. And he created Adam. The

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  INTRODUCTION It is a way to see how cities emerge by changing urban space. The direction of the highlands

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Infants mortality

INTRODUCTION Up to 1 million babies die globally on the first day of their life. According to a new report

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INTRODUCTION One lucky, enriched African country just discovered that they’ve been sitting on massive 30 billion barrels of crude oil.

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Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman

IMPORTANCE Harriet Tubman worked as a nurse in the Union Army, as a Girl Scout, and as a spy during

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School children

Distance adoption

DISTANCE ADOPTION Distance adoption allows a boy or girl to receive this support every day. Please give them the serenity they

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Nigeria election

Nigerian Election

NIGERIAN ELECTION In just under two months, Africa’s most populous country will choose a new chairperson with the election. It

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EDUCATION Illiteracy in Africa remains one of the continent’s most significant and widespread problems. Millions of people have no education,

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