WORLD BIPOLAR DAY: Social Media and its impact on our mental health.

Today, 30th March, marks world BIPOLAR DISORDER DAY, and I will be writing briefly on the condition and how SOCIAL MEDIA is also causing some havoc.

BIPOLAR DISORDER ( formerly called Manic- Depressive Illness or Manic Depression) is a form of mental illness that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, concentration, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.

Bipolar disrupts regular moods for a significant period and affects one’s well-being, work, and contribution to the community.

Bipolar Disorder is characterized by deep, prolonged, and profound depression that alternates with periods of an excessively elevated or irritable mood.

*It is usual for one to be sad or irritable within some periods in life, but once it starts to affect your daily activities, interpersonal relationship with others, withdrawal from people, unnecessary provocations, and display of sexual/ profane lifestyles with expensive ALLEGATIONS and fights, you now have the illness.*

The premorbid personality of those who suffer BIPOLAR DISORDER is those with Borderline personality ( mood swings).

The existence and availability of modern technology ( SOCIAL MEDIA) have adverse effects on one’s mental status. Today’s youth are being influenced by what they usually see on the internet hence putting unnecessary pressure on themselves, which, when not achieved, leads to depression. Some, equally, try to impress others on social Media by putting pressure on themselves on what to do or commit to sustaining the ” *Exaggerated sense of well-being and self-confidence”* they have made themselves, e.g., some so-called celebrity status.

So, if anyone who is already with the premorbid personality type of Borderline ( mood swings) is not able to achieve or maintain such lifestyles, they go into depression hence the Depressive phase of the episode, some too become so bitter and irritable and agitated with some weird faking leading to faked happiness and eventually into the manic phase of the attack. Also, one can suffer a mix of both mania and depression simultaneously and hence can be euphoric and same time depressed. During the manic phase, the victim exhibits seductive tendencies and involves in unwarranted sexual activities to gain some exaggerated confidence. They go into unnecessary fights, buying sprees, unusual talkative, poor decision making, decreased needs for sleep, etc.

During the Depressive phase, there is a sense of hopelessness/ worthlessness, decreased or increased periods of sleep, marked loss of interest in activities and even activities previously enjoyed, loss of energy, indecisiveness and decreased concentrations, etc.

Complications of the disorder lead to;

Drug and alcohol use.

Suicide or suicide attempts.

Damaged relationships.

Poor work or school performance.

Excessive sexual engagement leads to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

On this day of WORLD BIPOLAR DISORDER, I encourage ourselves to be cautious of our Mental Health, know ourselves and live within our means. Take the mental health of others as a priority and help protect them.

There are medications available to help when a relative or yourself is suffering from Bipolar Disorder, provided you seek mental health treatment at the Mental Health Hospitals and Units across the country.

Your prognosis depends on your cooperation and seeking early treatment.

Take your MENTAL HEALTH seriously than what you eat or earn.


Bismark Kwabla Kpobi.

Snr Registered Mental Nurse.

Mental Health Advocate.



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