We are a US-based 501(c)3 nonprofit charity organization that seek to work in Ghana and other developing countries in Africa to empower, support, and equip vulnerable children, women and communities we serve with basic needs to escape poverty.

Support for Nakabile Sumaya


Nakabile Sumaya is a girl child aged three years living with her mother, Basa Esther, aged 27 years, with four children in Valley Hill zone, Lumbuye ward, Kaliro Town Council in Kaliro district.
Base Esther married a man who was temporarily employed in Kaliro Town Council as a carpenter. In February 2019, the husband lost his job as a carpenter. He started working as a fisherman at the lakeshore in Namayingo district but also doing some carpentry work when he called on.
Since August 2019, her husband’s phone went off; as a result, he abandoned her in a rented house with four children. Early January 2020, Esther started selling clothes in the market and participating in subsistence farming to support her four children.
Unfortunately, her farm got flooded recently, which destroyed crops and roads hence counting losses after heavy downpours that have killed their primary source of food and income.
Esther abandoned the rented house, where the landlord is demanding over 8month now; the reality is that she has been serving on hand to mouth and lost her mean of livelihoods.
If you feel as though you want to sponsor little Nakabile, please contact us.

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