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How Ryvanz-Mia Charity is making a difference

How Ryvanz-Mia Charity is Making a Difference

Ryvanz-Mia impact on Education.

Education is critical to unlocking their full potential. Help support initiatives that ensure access to quality education for young orphans. By doing so, we empower them with knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue their dreams and become change-makers in their communities.

Ryvanz-Mia, as an organization, raised 23 children through Education in Ghana over the years. It has been a long struggle, but we are gradually achieving an impact. Nine children we care for have completed Senior High School; two are still in senior high school, the other is a final year diploma student in the School of Journalism in Ghana, and one completed University.
We have more to do than the rest and many more to complete school. Support Ryvanz-Mia Charity with your generous donation to see the rest through Education and possibly get a well-paid job. Make a big difference in a child’s performance and feelings about school.

The success story of Cecilia, the 9th child of Ryvanz-Mia Childcare, completed Senior High School S.H.S.She is now a student at Amedzofe College of Education-Ghana.

BIG IMPACT—The results so far…
In line with our mission and long-term goals, we believe every child is equally born with tremendous potential. As an organization, we are determined to continue supporting, evaluating, and improving our programs and the lives of our vulnerable children to have quality education.
Measuring and Evaluating Our Impact 

Our Impact on social life. 

Ryvanz-Mia Charity is making a difference as part of the reintegration of our older children, most of them after completing senior high school. Even though they were reintegrated into the larger communities, Ryvanz-Mia and our partners support renting and renewing the accommodation that houses them. Learn more about our Adopt a Room program for older children.

How You Can Support Ryvanz-Mia Farm Program. 

Ryvanz-Mia sometimes depends on maize, rice, cassava farming, and poultry/piggery farming as a livelihood source to feed the children and provide an independent income. This year 2023, we plow 3 acres of land-two acres of maize farm and one acre of plantain farm. Experienced assistance and donation of farm tools in growing sustainable agriculture would be greatly appreciated. If you are familiar with sustainable agriculture, consider volunteering to help make the bright future of Ryvanz-Mia  Childcare. Our other local organization in Uganda needs to hire a plot of land for a farming project. To donate, please email us at info@ryvanzmiacharity.org

 Secondly, our organization aims to continuously support our local partners in Ghana and Uganda to grow, improve and run self-sustaining programs to provide the monetary and educational tools every child in our orphanage needs.


Ryvanz-Mia Charity Farm in Ghana 2023
Ryvanz-Mia Charity Farm in Ghana 2023

Thirdly and most importantly, every year, we undertake different sustainable projects like Maize/Cassava Farming, Piggery/Poultry, and Goat rearing projects, some of which are ongoing. Our sustainable projects are designed to provide for the needs of every foster child who is in desperate poverty.

We believe in our sustainable agriculture project as generating self-sustaining incomes that would break the poverty cycle and provide for the children’s needs and community. We firmly target a long-term impact on our children and the communities we serve.

Over the years, volunteers have sponsored our poultry initiative program, which is no exception. To improve and become self-sustaining, we developed these projects to help children raise food and enough money for school fees and materials.

We train the youth to become valuable and highly skilled in tailoring, hairdressing, poultry, and piggery management with the help of a qualified poultry farmer.

If you would like to help with poultry farming or any other project we have, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly assist you with the expenses and additional helpful information. 



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