Ways To Help

Get Involved


At Ryvanz-Mia Charity, we have launched this charitable organization to offer the needed contribute support for children to get out of the ongoing crisis, through quality education, health care, advocacy for youth, and community development programs. We want them to get quality education and healthcare facilities so that they too can enjoy and experience quality living because it is everyone’s right. However, to achieve this, we need your help and support.

The following are many ways to get involved and help us in our mission and act as a driving force towards a positive impact and sustainable change as we spread smiles on thousands of faces. Get involved with us.

Program Manager

As we journey to achieve our goal we are seeking help and support from volunteers with education and healthcare background, especially with children, join us as a volunteer. Help us create, facilitate, and implement education programs for the youth and children.

Moreover, you can also work with us as a program coordinators with computer skills and enable us do an administrative work, manage our individual and family programs. Our programs are designed to empower youth and children and transform the lives of children for the better.

Photo by AMISOM via Iwaria 28

Social Media Manager

We enable volunteer social media managers to join us and help us boost our visibility with effective social media strategies. At Ryvanz-Mia Charity, social media managers are expected to manage activities to produce good content, analyze usage data, facilitate donors, and manage current and upcoming events. Join us today and help us create, organize, and manage day-to-day social media activities.


Board Member

Are you interested in becoming a board member of the Ryvanz-Mia Charity? We got you there. Join our hardworking board of directors and work and highly motivated donors who steer our organization to a sustainable future as one unit to project Ryvanz-Mia Charity towards our targets. Make a positive impact through volunteering your time and resources and contributing your expertise and knowledge to make informed decisions in the best interest of children.
We encourage you to reach out today and be our board members.


Financial Help

To achieve our goal, we need funds. You can help us by providing financial aid through donations or by sponsoring our programs. Whether you wish to make one-time donations or make contributions regularly, in-kind, or as planned gifts, we welcome all. Our organization accept financial help, no matter how big or small your donations.
We need funds to support our operations and expand our reach to provide access to quality education and healthcare facilities to thousands of scattered children.