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Children and war


Children and war


A report entitled world’s children published by a British NGO is causing a stir not only for the title but for the weight of the evidence it collects and clearly shows that the drama that children face in situations of conflict has definitely worsened in recent years .



The report shows that some conflicts have been going on for more than 20 years and have devastating consequences on children. The type of things they deal with are events that cause PTSD. They deal with scary psychological trauma, suffer from nightmares, lose the ability to concentrate in school.



A sixth of the world’s children or 357 million live in conflict zones and according to the United Nations the number of those who have been killed or injured has increased in the last decade. Children are much more vulnerable now than in the last 20 years.



Looking at Syria for example in the midst of a conflict for almost seven years one can see how children are increasingly exposed to bombing in schools and hospitals, the use of chemical weapons and access bans for humanitarian aid



A further concern for humanitarian organizations in the past years and having to work in constant mortal danger and under threat and in most cases failing to bring humanitarian aid to its destination



During conflicts it has been observed that girls are more likely to be excluded from education. This is what happens in Yemen. In South Sudan, however, most girls suffer gender-based and sexual violence.



There are nearly five hundred million people who urgently need help. Because they have lost everything and are fleeing their war-torn lands. People we can help thanks to the contribution of donation for the children

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