Why Uganda Mission 2022?

Uganda Mission 2022

Get involved in our 2022 mission in Uganda as explore and drive our generosity van to Uganda. Please be free to offer your donations, through our donation links, volunteer onsite or online. There is a great need in Uganda that Ryvanz-Mia Charity is involved and interested to help in one way or the other. Life-changing initiatives in Uganda are only feasible because of thoughtful supporters like you.

This page will focus on various initiative program Ryvanz-Mia is doing jointly with our partners in Uganda.


Sensitization Programs in Support of Girl Child in Uganda

Your sponsorship is worth rewarding in the long term!

This page is coming up soon. This page will focus on various initiative program  Ryvanz-Mia is doing jointly with our partners in Uganda.

With a minimum recurring sponsorship of $20/ month, you can help a child in Uganda change their story of poverty with school uniform and tuition fees, educational materials, clothing, food, and a chance at a better life. Want to help sponsor a child? We need you NOW more than ever. Please consider sponsoring a child today!
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Educational Outreach Mission 2022

There is huge need for clothes, Books, Food, and educational materials for school children. Help the vulnerable children with education, food, and healthcare.

Your generous support will help Ryvanz-Mia Charity in our work to: 

  • We collaborate with local partners and follow the lead of local communities to address common challenges such as sensitization of girls’ child in the communities we serve.
  • We Inspire farmers through training in sustainability.
  • We Support health programs and outreach to underserved communities in Eastern Uganda.
  • We Increase access to education for girl’s child and vulnerable children.
  • And so many other yet to be identified projects defined by the communities where we serve! 

Ryvanz-Mia Charity is determined to work to leave a footprint that supports self-sufficiency and has a lasting impact on the health, education and welfare of the communities we serve. 

Founded in the belief that empower, support, and equip schools, foster homes and orphanages that need financial help to stay in partnership and promote overall child development. We partner with some our local registered organizations in Uganda to reach their full potential through collaborative, sustainable, grassroots approaches.

Recent visit to some schools in Kaliro, Eastern Uganda.

With the help of our local organizations, we have visited some selected primary schools in the Kaliro District of Eastern Uganda. We have found most school children sitting on bricks while learning. As part of effort to bring education to the door step of every child worldwide. We are appealing to all our donors to support a good cause. With your generous donation

  • $ 20 can buy plastic chairs 🪑 and build a dual desk for this school children.
  • $50 can sponsor five school children. 

You can volunteer to build a classroom block for a school (we will honor you by putting your name in the school built).

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Health Outreach Mission 2022

Bringing medical, sanitation, and good health hygiene resources to poverty-stricken areas locally and globally. Bringing sustainable necessities to deprived communities across the globe is extremely important to Ryvanz-Mia Charity. This program has given hundreds of health care packages, doctor visits to children and aged men and women in 3rd world countries, built wells to solve poor sewage systems, provided dignity packs and donated treated mosquito nets face masks, distributed free hand sanitizers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, free sanitary products to female students, and many more life-saving supplies.

Current Health Projects

Our current health project is our Health Outreach for Children and Women in Kaliro District of Uganda. Ryvanz-Mia Charity is bringing awareness to the excellent hygiene health communities locally and globally with donations from fundraisers to support anyone who is struggling with illness and requires treatment that does not have the financial resources to get help.

Health Awareness

We are committed to bringing awareness covid-19 pandemic through spreading knowledge, workshops, and seminars on the prevalent issue of good hygiene covid-19 pandemic education. We will spread awareness through Our Interactive Videos Kits are made locally for the community to understand and pay more attention to their health care.

Learn more about training young women to make re-usable sanitary pads.>>>

Explore Empowering Stories. Create an Impact. Become a hero of a new story.>>>

Action Taken

We are committed to bringing an action by addressing and treatment of malaria typhoid issues head-on by sponsoring individuals and communities to get the treatment they need giving them all the resources to live a hopeful life. 

We began our health care outreach campaign to solicit funds to provide and donate treated mosquito nets face masks, distribute free hand sanitizers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, free sanitary products to female students, and many more life-saving supplies.

We are giving Free Counseling to People in Need through our local organizations.

We are supporting and giving Free Sensitization Counseling to young women people in Need through our local organizations.