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The fight on food insecurity


Busoga region has been known for sugarcane growing in the whole of Uganda. Many farmers have resorted to this lucrative activity to participate in growing sugarcane in a way to survive. But this comes with costs of leaving families without any food to survive on. Many vulnerable families have rented out their farm lands at a low fee for a long time, the least being three years. But will they survive on that small money for that long time? Definitely NO!

Ryvanz-Mia Charity organization has come up with a plan to solve this mistake. The two meals per child a day program was introduced to ensure food security in these homes. How RMC will achieve the consistency of food and nutritional values of these families is key depending on you.

We at RMC have been sensitizing families on how to balance the diet for health of the children, however vulnerable, at least to be healthy through feeding.We have designed support on backyard gardening through which simple vegetables can be grown by providing seeds for planting. Greens like dodo, sukuma wiki, egg plants, tomatoes, and many others that can be harvested occasionally rather than sugarcane that takes longer and won’t be taken in as daily food.

We have engaged with our beneficiaries on the land tenure systems, rather not to hire out their whole pieces of land that they cannot even grow food. And also not to hire out the land for long periods because the longer the period, the more the food insecurity.

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Ryvanz-Mia Charity is looking at working closely with our beneficiaries to introduce farmer field schools in the community. These field schools act as model gardens for the Farmers that for any principles and practices they learn, they go and apply them in their gardens. This will be based on the cluster radii of stay.

Since we are looking at food security that involves farming, not leaving out poultry and animal rearing, Ryvanz-Mia Charity is designing a project through which a vulnerable family is supported to get an animal, let’s say a cow, once it births a calf, it is sent to the next vulnerable family to do the same, and the sequence continues to the rest of the beneficiaries. Just a start of one cow is going to improve lives economically and nutritional, not forgetting manure value to the backyard gardens.

Food is life, every body needs it. At least a family needs a backyard garden for nutritional balance. Why not support one when the rains are here.

We can only afford this through your donation, me and you can make a difference, let’s fight food insecurity in these vulnerable families.

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