St.Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day


St Patrick’s Day, or the celebration of Ireland’s patron saint St. Patrick, is celebrated every year March 17, and is the most important holiday of the year in the Republic of Ireland. For this occasion, the whole island and the capital city turn green and come alive with festivities, concerts, parades, fireworks and lots of fun. It is also the most beloved and heartfelt holiday for the Irish people living abroad, celebrating the very strong sense of belonging to the Irish homeland.In fact, St. Patrick’s Day represents for all expatriate communities, the symbol of their national identity. During the days of St. Paddy’s, Ireland is dressed in green, and above all, Dublin is transformed into a continuous party, a concentration of festivals, frenzy and merriment, as well as many musical and cultural events scattered throughout the city! This occasion attracts young people and tourists from all over the world, and the city becomes one big joyful and colorful event that winds its way through parades, fireworks, rivers of beer (Guinness is the most drunk) and traditional music sessions in pubs, in a unique and engaging atmosphere that spills out from the venues into the streets and squares of the city! In short, it is impossible not to get swept up in this collective celebration that is so much fun and special.


On March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, Ireland is all one festival, from north to south. The largest festival is definitely the one held in Dublin. Initially conceived on a single day, today the St. Patrick’s Festival stretches over a week and attracts an ever-growing international audience: not only Irish by birth, but also everyone who feels Irish in their hearts in some way. The capital is transformed into a stage, where street performers and bands from all over the world improvise concerts on street corners, where the sheer madness, fun and magic typical of these festive days reigns! The highlight on those days is the March 17 parade that starts at 12 noon from Parnell Square. While in the past the one in New York was considered the most spectacular in the world, this is no longer the case: the Dublin parade has grown in size over the years, showcasing not only the best Irish talent, but also international talent. Fun is guaranteed for all tastes and ages! Beyond Dublin, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated just about everywhere but clearly the biggest events are organized in the cities.


St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and is celebrated on March 17 throughout Ireland and wherever there is an Irish community. What everyone may not know, however, is that so much has been written about him and so much has been said but never has there been a definitive solution as to what his life really was. Starting from the date of his birth to the date of his death, through his unfortunate events, nothing is given for certain. This has led to the emergence of numerous legends that, more often than not, are in stark contrast to each other. Aware of the fact that there is no single truth and that we ourselves do not know, for certain, which of these legends is the most true, we have preferred to report documentation that takes into account the differences with other versions. After learning the Gaelic language and the practices of the Druids, one day after 6 years of captivity and 2 unsuccessful attempts, rebelling against his master, Patrick escaped and, walking about 184 miles, clandestinely boarded a ship bound for England. Legend has it that he had previously had a vision of a ship waiting for him. During those six years, Patrick notes in his Confessions that he was transformed into a very believing boy who prayed day and night.

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