About Us

We are a body of people passionate for suffering souls and the liberation of the under-privileged heads.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to take action to help children in need by providing them with basic items they need to succeed while raising funds and create awareness about other issues that will bring change to the lives of vulnerable children and families in need. 

Our Vision

We envision a society where every child and other vulnerable communities can have access to quality social services by offering financial aid, healthcare, and educational possibilities.

Our Focus

 Our primary focus is to help change the lives of less advantaged children in our communities as we engage in initiatives and campaign to raise funds and aware of our cause. We assist children of all backgrounds with basic necessities like healthcare, education, clean water, protection and economic opportunities that will bring lasting change as well as relief items when available. We assist people in becoming a better version of themselves and look forward to a life full of hope and goodness.

Our Impact

Our impact from what we do help humanity has grow over the years with the little donations we had from donors, friends and family. As an organization we perserve to raise funds, create awareness in some point to reach our many child and  provide resources and assistance so that no child is left hungry as you participate and give back to their community. Ultimately, we believe everyone deserves a good and happy life, and we are here to ensure it for future generations. We believe our community strive when we work together as a team. Discover how your help, donation furthers our cause and support our important programs.

UPDATE: A Visit to support SOFIAT and her children.

Click on the link above to learn Sofiat and her children.

More About Us

Ryvanz-Mia Charity was founded to empower the lives of vulnerable children and families with the  needed healthcare, education, clean water, protection and economic opportunities that will bring lasting change. We continued to grow with the help of our donors and volunteers that make our mission and causes possible provide other necessities to those in need regularly. Since we started all this year our work and purpose remain the same: bring live changing services to vulnerable children and families in the communities we serve.

Where We Work

At Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp our focus has been on children’s welfare in providing a sustainable solution end poverty and zero hunger for children as part of its social development activities in  Africa.

Volunteer with us

At Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp, serving humanity also involves giving one’s time and effort in addition to financial contributions. We also require helping hands that will unite with ours in reaching out to these people, assisting them in becoming better versions of themselves, and encouraging them to look forward to a life full of hope and goodness.

Meet Our Team

Our team of passionate givers at Ryvanz-Mia Charity Corp are dedicated to continuing and expanding our charitable mission. We act as a family of creative minds, supported by qualified volunteers, and various professionals who focus our different skills and expertise on a singular goal of serving the needs of the needy in the rural communities we serve.

Join our efforts in fighting poverty to change lives

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