Nigeria election

Nigerian Election


In just under two months, Africa’s most populous country will choose a new chairperson with the election. It is a crucial vote for Nigerians. The incumbent head of state, Muhammadu Buhari, is finishing his term but leaving behind a worrying economy and security. The next president will face challenges in the task ahead of him through the election.


A crucial aspect for the future direction of Nigeria is the new president, who will inherit a loaded with severe problems to deal with. Perhaps the most important is the economy. Nigeria is deeply in debt, the currency is at its lowest value ever, and prices for everything are skyrocketing.


Youth unemployment is at an all-time high. A recent report said that 63% of Nigerians are poor. Multidimensionally they lack money, education, and infrastructure. Everything is expensive; people are suffering, so they need a good leader for Nigeria. If you walk in the street, you see so many beggars.


Economic difficulties and lack of hope are aspects that undermine security. Kidnapping for ransom to obtain money, widespread banditry, and insurrection against group authorities like Boko Haram are still a problem for many. People feel the government is gone, leaving them alone.


People are confused; they don’t know what is happening in the country. There are armed killings and robberies. The population feels unsafe and loses faith in the government’s ability to protect them. The government only cares for themselves and their family; they don’t care about the masses.


The two significant problems awaiting the next president are the struggling economy and widespread insecurity. They affect everything else: education, health, and the environment. Nigerian voters know that nothing can change overnight. People expect many changes regarding security, the economy, and social welfare. 


Nigeria has the most significant population in Africa. It carries enormous economic weight in the West. Africa and significant political influence across the region. If a new government can stand Nigeria towards a better financial and security situation, it will benefit millions at home and abroad. 





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