Mwazulu Diyabanza

Mwazulu Diyabanza

There is a group of activists called unity dignity and courage which is led by Diyabanza. His mission is to bring home the African wealth stolen during the colonial period. To do this, it targets works of art and historical artifacts from Africa, now housed in Western museums.

In June 2020 he enters the Quai Branly museum and steals, broadcasting live on social media, the theft of a 19th century wooden funerary stele from the CIAD, then in July, but this time in the museum of African arts in Marseille from which he takes a artifact of ivory. In September he moves to Berg En Dal all Afrika Museum from which he steals a sculpture from his country: the Democratic Republic of Congo and on October 22, 2020 at the Louvre Museum in Paris, an 18th century sculpture

Diyabanza is a revolutionary and for him his actions are political feats to shed light on the restitution of African works. According to him, his work cannot be considered theft because the objects are already stolen goods

He says: I don’t need to ask the thief to take back a stolen item, now France and other states have the right of ownership but we are the rightful owners. For him, the collective interest comes first of all before that of individuals

90% of the advance artistic heritage of Sub-Saharan Africa is now preserved flowers from the continent due to looting. WHO IS THE TRUE THIEF IN HISTORY?



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