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Health And Nutrition For The Children In Ghana


Health And Nutrition For The Kids In Ghana : What Is Happening In Ghana?

In the country of Ghana, one out of every thirteen children dies before turning five, and approximately half of these deaths are attributed to malnutrition. In comparison to well-nourished kids, children who are malnourished are much more inclined to pass away from common horrible diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, and complications from HIV. Long-term repercussions of undernourishment include decreased physical and psychological performance. For example, it is predicted that stunting will approximately cost Ghana 5 billion cedis (US$3.5 billion) in lost economic productivity by the year 2020.

Moreover,  if no interventions are implemented. Additionally, on the rise is overnutrition, which can lead to various diet-related illnesses like diabetes, stroke, hypertension, and heart disease.

Why Are Children Suffering From Malnutrition In Ghana?

5B888944-8A15-4BC8-96B4-DDA8AE238D76.pngThose who are highly impacted by malnourishment are women and small children. The Demographic and Health 2008 Study states that Ghana’s most recent comprehensive survey revealed that: Three in ten young children are short for their age (stunted), and roughly one in seven is underweight, which lowers physical capability and performance. One in twelve kids are wasted, and 2% of wasted kids have severe cases that put them at higher risk for sickness and mortality. Due to inadequate iron levels, over 8 out of 10 kids under the age of five are weak, which can have negative effects on cognition, brain growth, and efficiency.

In Ghana, the issue of anemia affects approximately 7 out of 10 women that are pregnant, which increases the risk of maternal and infant mortality, low weight of a newborn, and difficulties during childbirth and pregnancy. A child’s body weight at birth and nutritional status and well-being during the first two years of their lives are significantly influenced by the mother’s diet. A child’s likelihood of dying and their risk of malnutrition during infancy and childhood increase when they are born in Ghana one in ten times underweight. A kid must have appropriate nourishment for the 1,000 days between conception and their second birthday, known as the “moment of opportunity.”

Due to lack of nutrition during the pregnancy period, irrecoverable and long-term health issues take place that impacts the body growth and mental health of a child.

Our Efforts and Mission

We aim to improve the health and food conditions of kids in Ghana. As kids are the future of Ghana, we are aiming to provide our help to the most vulnerable families in Ghana. With the help of the World Vision Ghana Operation, our team and we are focussing our charity efforts on significantly improving the nutritional arrangements and health conditions in Ghana.

We are working towards our mission by ensuring the following actions:

1. Malnutrition must be decreased, particularly among the most vulnerable children, especially the kids who belong to the under-five age category.

2. All children and mothers who have given birth or are pregnant must be provided with proper nutrition and an appropriately healthy environment.

3. Maternal deaths and malnutrition diseases must be reduced in percentage in the upcoming five years.

4. All children, especially the most vulnerable ones, must benefit from the policies implemented to strengthen local healthcare arrangements and structures.




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