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It is a way to see how cities emerge by changing urban space. The direction of the highlands region is 170 km south of Algieri. There are works for the new town of boughezoul that plans to accommodate about 400,000 inhabitants. A futuristic urban skin project of 20000 hectares divided between housing, commercial activities, business districts, and agricultural areas. It is located strategically at the crossroads of Algeria’s north-south and east-west axes.


Algeria created a modern city to attract people and write a balance between the coast, the highlands, and the South. It is primarily a pilot project. If it goes well, it will be expanded to other cities. The future town has an Algerian space agency, a train station, and soon an international airport. Assistance has completed 28 kilometers of tunnels for fiber-optic electricity, drinking water, and green space irrigation networks. Boughezoul is one of five new cities in Algeria.


Greater Algiers has recreational areas, health centers, pharmaceutical industries, and a university center. Abdelhak Sedaoui: general manager Sidi Abdellahnew’s city development committee says, “Our new life project is to make a city with an attractive indicator of sustainable development. We also want to ensure the comfort of citizens to create a resilient and connected smart city.”


A priority for Algeria has been to eradicate precarious housing. In the Saharan, Regions of settlements are provided under the interregional balance project. A significant focus has been placed on the eco-sustainability of cities. The plan is to build cities that are environmentally friendly and very livable. For this reason, the state has provided satellite districts.


Another priority was to build stadiums. An emblematic example of this is the Jeunesse sportive de Kabylie. It is the most important club in the country in Tizi Ouzou. There were 50000 workplaces inspected in person by Minister of Housing Mohamed Tariq Belaribi. He says all these stages are achieved through the enthusiasm of the population interested in sports and competition. Examples of a stadium are the Oran Sports Complex, where the Mediterranean Games were held.


From 2020 to the present, 800,000 homes have been distributed, which has achieved a pole of nearly four citizens per home. This major reconstruction project was decided to proceed in response to the crisis problem. The symbol of contemporary Algeria is The Grand Mosque of Algiers recently. It is 265 meters high and shows the country’s progress.


Firstly, the Minister of Housing and ‘Urban Planning, Mohamed Tariq Belaribi speaks thus of the Algerian cities of tomorrow. “They are new, technological cities. Secondly, the new Algeria is under construction with different poles, and we are the builders. Anyone who wants to predict our future has only to look at what we are making now. The new Algeria is now.”



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